Guangzhou Suike Construction Management Co., Ltd (formally known as Guangzhou Suike Construction Supervision Firm) was established with approval by Chinese Academy of Science in December of 1996. Over twenty-three year’s arduous hard work and unremitting efforts, our company has been endowed with qualifications in number of fields listed as: “Grade A Supervision Qualification for the Housing Project”; “Grade A Supervision Qualification for the Municipal Works”; “Grade A Supervision Qualification for the Mechanical and Electrical Installation”; “Grade A Qualification for the Bidding Agencies of Engineering Construction”; “Grade A Qualification on Engineering Construction Cost Consultation”; “Grade A Qualification for Environmental Supervision to Construction Projects in Guangdong Province”; as well as “Grade B Qualification for Construction Supervision Enterprise on Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering, Civil Air Defense Construction and Engineering Consulting . Our company boast qualification of supervision enterprise for China-aid Project accredited by Ministry of Commerce of People’s Republic of China. It is the provincial designated polit unit for project engineering consulting from inception to completion, inter alia, National High-Tech Enterprise.

       The company have passed the audit for ISO 9001:2006 certification for quality management system; ISO 14001:2015 certification for environment management system; OHSAS 18001:2007 certification for occupation health and safety management system; ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification for information security management system; and GB/T 29490-2013 certification for enterprise intellectual property management system. The company strives to teak an integrated approach of ISO standards implementation and enforcement its management system, thus in conformity to norms and regulations, an effective modern management model has come into being.

       For the eighteenth consecutive year, the company has been appraised as “Fulfilling Contract as Required and Being Trustworthy” by Guangdong Administration Bureau of Industry and Commerce. It has been consistently awarded as “Demonstration Unit of Integrity in Guangdong Province” by Guangdong Provincial Federation of Enterprise for eleven years. It’s been recognized as “Certificate of Enterprise Credit Grade” by the Public Resource Exchange Association of Guangdong Province, meanwhile certified as “Advanced Unit for Spiritual Civilization Construction of Guangdong Construction Hierarchy” by Construction Department of Guangdong Province. It has continually been rated as “Advanced Supervision Enterprise” by provincial and municipal engineering consultancy association from 2009 to 2018. In the year of 2012, the company was accredited by Guangdong Provincial Tax Service, State Taxation Administration as “A-Level Taxpayer on Tax Credit Rating”. Being an outstanding primary organization, our company party branch has been appraised by Organization Department of Tianhe District Party Committee for several years.

     In the process of innovation development, we adhere to “Development is the absolute principle” as our corporate tenant and take initiatives to strengthen the construction of talent team in the long run. Following general approach of formulating scientific regulatory regime and performance evaluation mechanism, building top-class leadership team together with training of top-ranking staff team and striving for outstanding achievement, the company make continuous endeavor to recruit talents and build a skilled engineer team with comprehensive quality and special expertise, a team driven by strong cohesion and centripetal force and competitiveness, a team urged by well discipline, integrity and dedication. Our company comprises more than 600 staff, among them 59 with senior professional title, 290 with immediate professional title and 245 with junior professional title, 79 state registered supervision engineers, 15 state registered cost engineers, 10 state registered constructor and 7 state registered consulting engineers. Our unique experience in specialist area of civil engineering, water supply and drainage, water conservancy and hydropower engineering, mechanical and electrical installation engineering, environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering enable us to deliver satisfied service in area of engineering supervision, engineering cost, engineering consulting and commissioning of project from inception to completion.

       In the past 23 years, guided by the work ethic of “Observance of Law; Honesty and Integrity; Scientific Approach and Imparity”, with working attitude abide by the principle of “strict enforcement of supervision code of practice and enthusiastic service”, our company has gained popular recognition from industry counterparts and people of all works of life. We have undertaken numerous tasks of engineering supervision over housing project, municipal works project, and commissioning of project from inception to completion. Major achievements including: ”partial municipal works of manufacturing cluster of Nansha FTZ (EPC)”; “Jinguang east tunnel in Guangzhou International Innovation City”; “Shaxi International Heath Care City by China National Real Estate Develop Group Corporation ”; “Guangzhou Metro Line 14 project phase I”; “Commissioning of Project for Tangdong Commercial City”; “Duoyi Network Company Headquarter Mansion”; “Theme Pavilion of Nanyue Sage Gallery ”; “REC Liwan International City”; “Nansha Zhujiang Marine Building” as well as “China-aid Project of National Wresting Arena in Senegal”; “China-aid Project of Morodok National Stadium in Cambodia”; “China-aid Project of Office Building for Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tanzania”; “China-aid Project of General Referral Hospital in Niger” and so on. Honors and awards received including: ”Gold Award of China’s Construction Engineering Steel Structure”; “Goldsmith Prize for Construction Engineering in Guangdong Province”; “Guangdong Provincial Excellent Modeling Project Award”; “Guangdong Provincial Modeling Structure Award”; “Guangdong Provincial Engineering Construction High-Quality Trophy”; “Hainan Provincial Engineering Construction Greenisland Trophy”; “Guangzhou Engineering Construction Quality Award (Namely as Wuyang Trophy)”; “Guangzhou Municipal Engineering Construction High-Quality Trophy”; “Modeling Site Award for Civilized Construction in Guangzhou City” and so forth.

     “Keeping pace with times and engaging in exploitation and innovation”, our company will commit to constant innovation and development and dedicate to provide our clients with more innovative, superior, valuable service and top-quality projects.